Technical conditions


According to the Law of Ukraine "On Standardization":

Technical conditions (TU) - is a normative document that sets out the technical requirements that a product, process or service shall meet and sets out the procedures by which it can be determined whether such requirements are met.

The TU is a normative document of direct action and is obligatory for execution at the certain enterprise for which the given normative document is developed and operates. The technical conditions also describes the requirements for quality, scope, main characteristics and properties of products, raw materials, test methods, environmental and human safety, packaging and labeling, transportation and storage of manufactured products, manufacturer's guarantees, etc..

TU, as a rule, is a separate normative document. At the same time, some technical conditions may be part of enterprise standards. TUs are developed and adopted exclusively by enterprises or organizations.

TUs are not subject to mandatory registration and inclusion in the database of Technical Conditions of Ukraine, and the feasibility of their registration is questionable - this is maximum the verification by certain institutions of the normative document for compliance with guidelines or DSTU 1.5.

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