According to the Law of Ukraine "On Standardization":

Standard is a normative document, based on consensus adopted by a recognized bodywhich establishes rules for general and repeated use, guidelines or characteristics of the activity or its results, and aims to achieve the optimal degree of order in a particular area.

All national standards (DSTU) are normative documents of direct action for product manufacturers. That is, if these documents are in the list of normative documents to the technical regulations, which fall within the scope of industrial products, or they are directly referenced in other legal acts, such national standards have the status of mandatory normative documents. The scope of DSTU can be any of these: processes, test methods, product characteristics, etc.

DSTU are developed by the relevant profile technical committees (TC) and approved by the authorized state body - UkrNDNC.

Standard of the enterprise, organization (SOI or STE) - is a normative document, which is developed, approved and used at a particular enterprise to regulate all areas of activity of the enterprise (organization), except for product requirements. Currently, the object of development of enterprise or institution standards is mainly the functionality of enterprise management, personnel, production, marketing, labor protection, security, document management, etc.

The SOI or STE is adopted by the institution or enterprise itself without the involvement of a authorized body (which is somewhat contrary to the definition of the standard in the law). SOI or STE is the intellectual property of an enterprise or organization.

SE "Cherkasy NDITEKHIM" is a member of TC 195 "Mineral fertilizers, pesticides and other products of the chemical industry" and TC 82 "Environmental protection and rational use of resources of Ukraine" and is directly involved in the development of standards of various level of complexity.